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Facing Civilian Charges?

The members of our team are experienced in all aspects of criminal law. Because we are Barristers, we are all experienced and specialist advocates. We regularly appear before the Courts fearlessly representing our client's interests.

We deal with all criminal matters before the Magistrates, Youth Courts, Crown Court and Human Rights issues.

We fully understand the consequences of being charged with a civilian criminal offence and the effects that such a charge will have upon your career. We also understand that simply being charged may result in your commanding officer instigating an Administrative Action against you.

We are experienced in representing people in all types of criminal matters. However, our team will also be acutely aware of the consequences of the charges that you face and the impact they may have upon your career, your pension and your family.

If you have been charged with a driving offence, such as driving with excess speed or drink driving, we recommend you contact us as members of our team are available to be instructed directly by members of the Public under the Public Access scheme, without the need of instructing a solicitor as well. We understand the Operational impact that a driving disqualification can have upon you and your unit. Furthermore, you may find that our rates are more cost effective than instructing a solicitor for some of these matters.

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