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Courts Martial

Every member of our team has specialised in practicing Military Law, we all thoroughly understand the complexities of Service Life and understand the military justice system. We all have considerable experience in appearing before the Courts Martial, Summary Appeal Courts and also the Service Civilian Court and are accomplished Advocates.

We regularly appear in all of the Military Court Centres in the United Kingdom and also Sennelager, Germany. We are available at short notice to travel and represent service personnel anywhere in the World where a Court Martial is convened, including within Theatre.

We pride ourselves on our expertise and our understanding makes us second to none in his field of Law. More importantly, we understand the complexities and nuances of Service Life and will speak to you in language that you can understand.

You can ask your SSA to apply on your behalf to the Armed Forces Criminal Legal Aid Authority to appoint us as your Counsel. Or ask your Solicitor to contact us.

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