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Are you the Assisting Officer?

Our team recognises the important role that you play in proceedings. We understand that you are the conduit between your Commanding Officer and the accused.

We aim to help you in your role and also understand that, as part of your duties you may have to assist when men and women within your chain of command are interviewed by the police and also when they appear before the civilian courts.

To help you in your role, please feel free to contact us and a member of our team will be happy to speak to you.

If you find yourself involved in a case where there is an overlap between the civilian justice system and the military justice system eg. If there is a fight between service personnel in a UK town or an incident within married quarters then it is possible for the Military Justice System to become seized of the matter. This is particularly important if there are Operational commitments to consider. There is a protocol in place between the Service Prosecuting Authority and the Crown Prosecution Service– which you and your commanding officer may find of assistance.

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