4 Breams Buildings is a leading set of chambers specialising in criminal law

Breams Military Law

4 Breams Buildings is a leading set of chambers specialising in the practice of criminal law.

Chambers is led by head of chambers Stuart Trimmer QC, himself widely recognised as a leading advocate in crime and related fields.

Although based in London, members of Chambers practice nationwide.

Particular expertise includes: white collar crime, serious fraud, revenue offences, regulatory offences, customs and excise, VAT, money laundering and the proceeds of crime legislation.

In addition, our practice embraces all other fields of criminal law, including offences of murder, terrorism, drug trafficking, robbery, sexual offences, corporate manslaughter and offences of public disorder.

We are able to provide skilled representation in all courts from the magistrates' court to the Supreme Court and in quasi-criminal jurisdictions such as the GMC, the Coroners' court and in all forms of judicial inquiry.

We are supported by an efficient and experienced clerking team, who are more than happy to discuss your requirements.

Our dedicated Military Practice Group.

Comprising a core of experienced barristers who have served in Her Majesty's Armed Forces Bream's Buildings the Military Practice Group has been founded to provide specialist legal advice to Service Men and Women. This experience of service allows us to provide legal advice tailored expressly to the complexities of the service environment expertly and swiftly.

We have all served and understand the complexities of Service Life and fully appreciate the ramifications that any allegation can have upon any member of Her Majesty’s Armed Forces and their family.